Code Compliance Division


♦ Drainage ditches, ponds, swales and
berms should not be altered without
approved Engineering permits.
♦ Tree cutting on vacant undeveloped land
is prohibited without a tree cutting
♦ Adding fill dirt, excavating, or grading in
any wetland area is strictly prohibited
and rigidly enforced.
♦ Swimming pools and spa tubs should be
protected to prevent children uncontrolled
♦ Code Compliance does not accept
anonymous complaints unless the
complaint is irreparable or is a
significant threat to the health, safety and
welfare of the public.

The Code Compliance Division is responsible for ensuring that people comply with County Ordinances and the Land Development Code. The primary goal for this section is "compliance." This is achieved by helping people understand the property laws and codes, and why it is best for everyone in the county if people do their best to meet these requirements. We all need to do our part to keep Citrus County a great place to live and work.

The Code Compliance Officers respond to calls from citizens about possible Code violations and they respond to other County and State departments when they need help with Enforcement. Usually, and in most cases, the Officers notify property owners of a violation on their property and a time period is set to remedy the violation. If violations are not corrected, the issue is heard and considered by our Code Compliance Special Master. The Special Master can impose significant fines on property owners who fail to comply with an order.

The Code Compliance Division also investigates reports of illegal dumping. Illegal dumping and littering are criminal acts, and when violators are found and identified, Code Compliance staff pursue full prosecution by working with the Sheriff's Office Investigators, County Solid Waste Staff, and County and State Attorney Offices.


Chapter 19 - Citrus County Code Enforcement Ordinance
Chapter 20 - Nuisances
  • Chapter 20 - Nuisances
  • Article I. - In General
  • Article II. - Litter
  • Article III. - Accumulation of Junk and Debris
  • Article IV. - Abandoned, Unserviceable, and Unlicensed Vehicles
  • Article V. - Unsafe Structures and/or Conditions
  • Article VI. - Excessive Growth and Accumulation of Vegetation
Chapter 21 - Noise, Vibration and Air Pollution


Contact: Citrus County Environmental Health for "Sanitary Nuisances" which in include, but are not limited to:

  • Failing Septic Systems
  • Sewage Leaks
  • Keeping of Diseased Animals which Pose a Threat to Human Health
  • Creation, Maintenance, or Causing of any Condition Capable of Breeding Flies and Mosquitoes


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