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FDOT Reports US 19 Repairs and Lane Closure Update

Category: Press Releases       Posted By: Denise Gallagher       Year: 2017

Due to a void under the highway, US 19 near W. Green Acres Street remains one lane in each direction, with both directions using the southbound roadway in that area. This configuration will remain in place until at least Friday, September 29 (morning), when void repairs are estimated to be completed and work will begin to reopen the northbound lanes.

A void was discovered underneath one of the northbound lanes Tuesday afternoon, September 26 and the left lane was closed for motorist safety and testing. The other northbound lane was closed late on September 26 to provide space for additional testing and repairs, which showed the void also was under the right northbound lane. Crews began filling the void with grout Wednesday morning and will continue this activity into tomorrow.

No major traffic issues or delays have been observed since the highway was put into the current traffic configuration on September 26. However, motorists can expect minor delays in each direction of US 19 approaching that area and may want to consider an alternate route below or other roads depending on the destination. Please note that the detours below are quite lengthy and will very likely take drivers longer than if they were to remain on US 19 through the work zone.

Alternative routes to avoid the work zone:

Northbound US 19: Turn right off northbound US 19 and go east on W. Cardinal Street, then turn left onto northbound S. Lecanto Highway (County Road 491). Go north on Lecanto Highway, then turn left onto W. Grover Cleveland Boulevard and go west back to US 19.

Southbound US 19: Turn left onto W. Grover Cleveland Boulevard and go east to S. Lecanto Highway (County Road 491). Turn right and go south on Lecanto Highway, then turn right onto W. Cardinal Street and go east back to US 19.

If traveling a longer distance between Homosassa Springs and Lecanto or Crystal River, drivers may also consider using Lecanto Highway between W. Cardinal Street and SR 44.

Department of Health Answers "Fish Kill" Questions

Category: Press Releases       Posted By: Denise Gallagher       Year: 2017

In the wake of recent Withlacoochee River flooding caused by Hurricane Irma, some areas in Citrus County have experienced an increase in incidents of “Fish Kills” and associated odors brought on by decomposing fish. Here is some information on the recent fish kill:

Fish Kill Causes: 

Besides some common causes of fish kills in Florida, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission states that major storm events like hurricanes with resulting rising water can make conditions favorable for increased fish deaths. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is the lead agency for responding to fish kills. Their web site has information on their causes  Citizens can report an incident online: or by calling (800) 636-0511.

Health Concerns:

The Florida Department of Health recommends you follow these general guidelines when a fish kill is observed:

· Do not eat, collect, or use fish, shrimp or crabs that were found dead or dying, from distressed areas.

· Do not harvest or eat shellfish from waters that have been closed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, or from areas where large numbers of distressed or dead fish are present.

· Do not harvest fish, shrimp or crabs that are acting erratically, have sores or ulcers, or that appear to be diseased.

· Do not swim or play in water where distressed or dead fish are present. If you come in contact with the water, immediately wash exposed areas thoroughly with soap and clean water.

· Do not let pets swim in or drink from water in the vicinity of a fish kill. If your pets come in contact with water, immediately wash their fur thoroughly with soap and clean water.

· Items that have come in contact with affected waters should be thoroughly washed with soap and clean water or disinfected with a bleach solution (mix ¼ cup of household bleach per gallon of water and immerse for 15 minutes) prior to continuing their use.

· Contact your physician if you believe you have become ill as a result of consuming or being exposed to fish or affected waters during a fish kill.

If you have other health questions about fish kills, please call the Florida Department of Health in Citrus County, Environmental Health Section at: (352) 513-6103. If you see an unknown substance in a lake or water body and suspect the fish kill is a result of a toxic spill, please call Florida’s 24-hour State Watch Office at (850) 815-4001.

Southwest Florida Water Management District Board approves Plans for Homosassa and Chassahowitzka Rivers

Category: Press Releases       Posted By: Denise Gallagher       Year: 2017

The Southwest Florida Water Management District’s Governing Board (SWFWMD) recently approved the Surface Water Improvement and Management (SWIM) plans for the Homosassa and Chassahowitzka rivers, meaning all five first-magnitude springs in the District now have established plans for improvement of those water bodies.

The SWIM Act requires the District to maintain a priority list of water bodies of regional and statewide significance and develop plans and programs for their improvement.

The Homosassa and Chassahowitzka rivers were selected by the District as priority water bodies for the SWIM Program in 2014. The District created a Springs Coast Steering Committee, which is an inter-agency partnership to protect, manage and restore springs. Through that committee, the SWIM plan process was implemented, which involves defining issues and drivers, setting quantifiable objectives, developing management actions, and establishing priority projects and initiatives.

“These aren’t just plans,” said Chris Anastasiou, chief environmental scientist. “These are key strategies to helping improve and manage these very important resources.”

The plans look at three focus areas: water quality, water quantity and natural systems. The plans then identify issues in those three areas such as nitrate enrichment and altered aquatic vegetation. And through these plans, at least 60 projects and initiatives have been identified for these two rivers.

Anastasiou stressed that the SWIM plans are living documents that will be used, implemented and updated to meet the needs of the systems.

“Now the work really begins,” Anastasiou said. “Now, we move from planning into implementation.”

To view the SWIM plans, visit

E. Trails End Road Reopened

Category: Press Releases       Posted By: Denise Gallagher       Year: 2017

Citrus County Road Maintenance has advised that E. Trails End Road has been re-opened to traffic. We appreciate the public’s patience while repairs were being made to the road. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Road Maintenance at 527-7610


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