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Residents Still Urged to Conserve

Category: Press Releases       Posted By: Denise Gallagher       Year: 2017

The Southwest Florida Water Management District (District) water restrictions for Citrus County have returned to the twice per week schedule.  Under the District’s year-round measures, even addresses may water on Thursday and/or Sunday and odd addresses may water on Wednesday and/or Saturday, before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m.

While the aquifer and rainfall levels reported by the District have rebounded to normal, residents are urged to always be conservative with water use.  “Two watering days per week allow some flexibility for irrigating the lawn, but aren’t meant to recommend watering both days,” said Debra Burden, water conservation manager with the Citrus County Department of Water Resources. 

This time of year, one application of one-half inch to three-quarters inch of water weekly is often sufficient to meet turfs needs.  With the arrival of fall’s cooler nights and shorter days, grass gets less and less sunlight, according to Burden.  Grass responds to these changes by slowing its growth and therefore once a week watering should be enough. 

Likewise, during the winter months of December, January and February, Burden suggests only once every other week irrigation.  Cooler weather means less evaporation, which allows roots and grass blades to remain wet for longer periods.  Unable to use the excess water, grass can develop fungal disease and root rot.

“The best way to combat common turf issues regardless of the time of year is to only irrigate when grass shows signs of need,” said Burden, adding, “every yard is unique, so if grass shows signs of stress, like blades folded in half lengthwise or foot prints linger in the lawn, then schedule irrigation for the next allowable watering day.”

Burden reminds residents that Daylight Saving Time ends on November 5, 2017 when clocks will fall one hour back, and suggests keeping this in mind while resetting the irrigation schedule.

For additional details regarding the watering rules, visit the Citrus County Department of Water Resources at  


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