Drug Court Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Drug Court Created?

The goal of the Citrus County Drug Court is to unite the judiciary, law enforcement, treatment providers and the community in a program that allows eligible defendants to receive drug treatment and support services to foster and encourage their recovery from addiction, thereby improving their lifestyle and reducing crime.

What Kind of Treatment and Support Does Drug Court Provide?

If accepted into the Drug Court program, a defendant will receive four levels of treatment.

Level I

Treatment is outpatient lasting a minimum of 8 weeks. During this level, each participant attends an orientation session. Psychosocial assessments and initial treatment plans will be completed. Participants are required to attend counseling three times per week and AA/NA meetings one time per week. Observed alcohol and other drug urine screens are required a minimum of two times weekly on a random basis; and the participant is required to attend Court weekly.

Level II

After successfully completing Level I, the treatment plan for each participant is reviewed and specific goals are developed for each participant. The participant will continue to participate in counseling at least twice a week. Observed alcohol and other drug urine screens are required a minimum of twice a week and participants must meet attendance goals prior to progressing to the next level. Vocational and educational assessments occur to identify individual needs and to refer participants to specialized resources. Bi-weekly attendance at Court is required, as well as attendance at counseling sessions, two times pre week and attendance of two AA or NA meetings per week. Level II is a minimum of 22 weeks.

Level III

The client is encouraged to use the support system developed during the program. There will be weekly group attendance and required attendance at 3 AA or NA meetings per week. Other treatment will be according to the individual needs of the participant. The participant will be required to attend Court one time per month. Observed alcohol and other drug urine screens are a minimum of one per week. An aftercare plan will be developed and a Life Plan presented to the treatment group.

Level IV or Aftercare

The final segment of the program and is a minimum of six months based on program compliance. In this level, the focus is transitioning to the use of the community for support. Observed alcohol and other drug urine screens are a minimum of twice per month. Upon successful completion of the program, the original charges will be dismissed from the legal record.

How Can I Become a Participant in Drug Court?

If you have been charged with a drug-related crime and feel you can benefit from the Citrus County Drug Court Program, you can obtain an application form from the Drug Court Office, from the office of the Public Defender, Private Attorney or from Citrus County Jail. The completed application must be returned to the Drug Court Program at the address listed below. Your application will be considered and you will be scheduled for a hearing before the presiding Drug Court judge for a determination as to your eligibility.

What is the cost of Drug Court?

As a Participant of Citrus County Drug Court you are required to pay the costs of your substance abuse groups, individual sessions and alcohol and drug screens. The fees are bundled and payment is $50.00 a week. Each participant must maintain a zero balance. There is a one time orientation fee of $35.00.

What is Dependency Drug Court?

Citrus County Dependency Drug Court is a docket of which selected abuse, neglect, and dependency cases are identified where parental substance abuse is a primary factor. Judges, attorneys, child protection services, and treatment personnel unite with the goal of providing safe, nurturing, and permanent homes for children while simultaneously providing parents the necessary support and services to become drug and alcohol abstinent. Dependency Drug Court aids parents in regaining control of their lives and promote long-term stabilized recovery to enhance the possibility of family reunification within mandatory legal time frames.


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