Port Authority

Citrus County Port Authority
110 N. Apopka Avenue
Inverness FL 34450
(352) 341-6560

The Citrus County Board of County Commissioners appoints itself as the governing body of the dependent Special District.

 Agency Information

  • The Citrus County Port Authority was established through the Florida Legislature adoption of House Bill 413 in Chapter 84-408 on May 21, 1984.
  • The boundaries or service area of the Citrus County Port Authority is the northwest quadrant of Citrus County, west of U.S. 19 and north of Power Line Street.
  • There are no taxes, fees, assessments or charges imposed or collected by this special district.
The Purpose Of The Citrus County Port Authority Is:

  • To acquire land, submerged land and water rights by purchase, gift, condemnation or otherwise and to hold and dispose of the same upon such terms and conditions as it shall deem necessary and prudent and to improve such land or lands so acquired in any manner which promotes or has a tendency to promote the public good of Citrus County.
  • To construct wharves, docks, platforms, airports, airdromes, hangars, airfields, hydroplane landing stations, trestles, causeways, fills, bridges, channels, tunnels, jetties, ports, warehouses, shipping facilities via land or water or air, ferries, aquariums, radio broadcasting and receiving stations, lighting and water systems, streets, sidewalks, precooling and cold storage plants, and to do all other things incidental and necessary to the enumerated items in order to promote, create, maintain and operate a commercial port for vessels, aircraft, railroad terminals, and facilities for connecting to trunk line railroads.
  • To contract.
  • To take by eminent domain.
  • To sue and be sued in the name of its corporate authority or administrative agency.
  • To prescribe, fix, maintain and regulate charges, tolls, or rents for the use of any of its facilities by persons or things.
  • To mortgage, pledge, or otherwise encumber any of its property or assets upon terms and conditions consistent with Florida law. This power shall be full and complete in all respects in order to promote, construct, accomplish, maintain and operate any of the public purposes or projects herein enumerated.
  • To borrow money and to incur indebtedness by the issuance of revenue bonds or certificates, with or without security, as the port authority may determine.
  • To adopt and enforce reasonable rules and regulations or procedures pertaining to the use, acquisition, maintenance, development, operation or disposal of any of the facilities or projects herein enumerated, including the right to grant exclusive or nonexclusive franchises for all goods and services.
  • To acquire, do and perform all things herein enumerated separately or jointly or in conjunction with a municipality or other political subdivision of the state whether the same be within or without the territorial limits of Citrus County.
  • To employ secretaries, attorneys, engineers, and other technical assistants and employees as necessary.