Green Living

Florida Friendly Living-It's Easy Being Green

Citrus County Extension shares your vision for a healthy environment and a prosperous community. There are things that we can do together to make sure Citrus County has a sustainable future.

Sustainable practices enable Floridians to meet current needs without compromising the next generation's ability to satisfy their needs. By living sustainably, we can preserve our natural heritage and conserve natural resources for the future. The primary concern associated with integrating sustainability practices is whether local residents, over the long term, will understand and take local action to conserve natural resources. Decisions made by homeowners ultimately determine whether a community functions as a "green" community.

Florida Environment

To live in harmony with the Florida environment, we need to be aware of how our lives intersect with and affect it. We offer information about the animal and plant species that live here, as well as the coasts, estuaries, forests, swamps, lakes, hammocks, and wetlands that make our state unique, so you can enjoy and help preserve these treasures.

Getting To Know Florida Wildlife

The abundant natural areas in the United States provide habitat for a number of wildlife species. Explore this section to learn more about local wildlife and what you can do to live with and enjoy it.

Neighborhood Stormwater Ponds

Your stormwater pond has been designed and constructed to meet specific criteria to ensure that if functions properly. Learn about:

  • Biology and Control of Aquatic Plants
  • Plants for Lakefront Revegetation
  • Best Management Practices Manual
  • Stormwater Ponds: A Citizen's Guide 
  • Living with Stormwater Ponds