Section 8 (Rental Assistance)


Section 8 Waiting List is CLOSED. Qualified applicants will be selected using a computer-generated lottery system.
The lottery system will be used to randomly select 400 applications and will then rank the applications using the local preferences listed.

Upon clicking the "Check your status" button, enter just your social security number without any dashes and select the lookup button. If your name DOES NOT appear, your application was NOT chosen for the lottery. Please feel free to apply when the list opens again.

If your name DOES appear, it will show you the number you hold on the Wait List. Be sure to update your address if you move.
hud-logoSection 8 is a federally funded rental assistance program provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for very low income families, especially those who fit one or more of a number of specific local preferences.

Very low income renters. Applicants must verify anticipated 12 months' income and meet income requirements.

Under the Housing Choice Voucher Program, renters select their own unit from Citrus County rental market. Renters initially pay between 30% - 40% of their adjusted monthly income for rent. Housing Services pays the remaining balance of the rent to the landlord.

The Section 8 Voucher program is now closed. The only way a voucher opens up is if a person passes away, is terminated from the program, or voluntarily leaves the program. Therefore, it is unknown when it might open up again for new applicants.

Wait List Telephone: (800) 771-5106

For local affordable rental housing complexes, please contact Housing Services. When calling, it is recommended that you ask them if they have any "rental assistance" units available. These units work as close to the Section 8 program as possible, the only difference is, you can only live at that complex.

Section 8 Admin Plan: Please contact Housing Services if you have any questions about a specific policy.