Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible for this Program?
A: Homeowners within eligible targeted areas, pre-approved by FDEP. The Homeowner will contract with a septic tank installer or licensed plumber to implement the nitrogen-reducing enhancements.

Q: What is an OSTDs Enhancement System eligible under this Grant Program?
A: Installations of nitrogen-reducing OSTDs enhancement with an existing conventional septic system.

A list of the eligible features achieving enhanced treatment of nitrogen is available on the FDOH website:

For more information, please contact the Environmental Health at Citrus County Department of Health at (352) 527-0068 or email them at

Q: How do Homeowners or Contractors submit grant documents to the County?
A. Documentation may be submitted through the SurveyMonkey application link on the Housing Services webpage or in person/by mail: Citrus County Housing Services Division, 2804 W. Marc Knighton Court #12, Lecanto, FL 34461

Q: What happens if Homeowners/Contractors do not include all the required documents with the grant?
A: The County only considers fully completed documents submitted in their entirety. The County will notify the Homeowners and the registered or certified Contractors of all missing required grant documentation.

Q: Can a Homeowner apply in online, in person, or by mail?
A: Homeowners may apply online, in person, or by mail.

Q: How are Homeowners notified of grant awards?
A: The Homeowner will receive a notice of award by email and/or mail according to preference.

Q: How are grant funds processed?
A: Grant funds will be processed directly to the Homeowner. Please allow time for the reimbursements to be processed.

Q: What if the Homeowner has questions about the grant?
A: Please call (352) 527-7520 Citrus County Housing Services.