Mandatory Water/Sewer Connection

SHIP Assistance Program
*See Income Limits*

Utility Connection
When funding is available SHIP pays for permit, impact and other fees necessary to connect to regional central water and/or sewer service including the cost of installing water and sewer service lines from the residence to the water or sewer main.

Connection Assistance
Historically Citrus County Housing Services has had State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) funds that could assist with the assessment/connections fees up to a maximum of $10,000 per household. (This maximum is subject to change.)

No repayment shall be required provided the client continues to reside in his or her property as his or her principal place of residence and not to sell, lease, rent, refinance or transfer the property. If a recipient of assistance from this program sells, leases, rents, refinances or transfers their home within five years from the date of signing the Rehabilitation Agreement, the entire amount of assistance must be repaid. If the assisted unit is sold, leased, etc. during years six through nine, a pro-rated amount must be repaid (80% if sold during year six, 60% if sold during year seven, 40% if sold during year eight, 20% if sold during year nine and 0% if sold during year ten).