Homeland Security

The Nature Coast Volunteer Center (NCVC), whose mission is to strengthen communities through volunteerism and service, is the lead agency for Emergency Support Function 15 (ESF 15) Volunteers and Donations. In this capacity, NCVC has developed a strong network of partnerships with various agencies throughout Citrus County.

The purpose of ESF 15 is to organize, track, consolidate and distribute any and all donations that may be received by Citrus County after a major disaster. In addition, ESF 15 is responsible for being the "check-in point" for any individual or group who may volunteer to assist with disaster recovery in Citrus County. NCVC will serve as the Volunteer Reception Center for volunteers.

Homeland Security Citrus County Volunteer pinAs a disaster volunteer you may be invited to participate in various exercises sponsored by Emergency Management. You will be notified of various training opportunities that become available such as a Volunteer Reception Center and Special Needs Call Down Drill.