Retired & Senior Volunteer Program

AmeriCorps Seniors awards grant funding for the RSVP of Citrus County. The RSVP Program has been in existence in Citrus County since 1989.  
The RSVP mission is to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for people 55 and older who bring vast experience, skills, and interests from
diverse economic, educational, and social backgrounds to serve on a regular basis at sites throughout Citrus County.   


Benefits Include:
  • RSVP provides recognition events each year where volunteers, station managers, community agencies and other supporters of RSVP are honored
  • A quarterly newsletter, which showcases volunteers at over 45 non-profit and government sites, as well as 17 local schools, advertises current volunteer position vacancies, and promotes volunteerism
  • Partial travel reimbursement as funds are available
  • Supplemental accident, medical and volunteer liability insurance is provided at no cost while volunteering