Citrus County Transit Cancellation/No Show Policy

Citrus County Transit’s, (“CCT”), Door-to-Door Program acknowledges that occasionally situations will arise that result in a rider needing to cancel or miss a scheduled trip. However, frequent, and excessive late cancellations and/or no-shows of scheduled trips negatively affect the efficiency of the service and the cost of providing the service. To cancel a trip, the rider must call (352) 527-7630.
  • Excessive cancellations: occurs when a rider schedules multiple trips and subsequently, regularly cancels.
  • Late cancellation: occurs when a rider cancels a scheduled trip with less than one (1) hour notice.
  • No-show: occurs when a rider is not at the designated pick-up location at the scheduled time of the trip or refuses the trip.
Sanctions and Appeals:
CCT will track the scheduled trips, no shows, late cancellations, and excessive cancellations of each rider. Each leg of the trip will be treated separately. CCT will enter the late cancellation/no show into the rider’s file and will keep track of the occurrences. All riders will be issued a written notification after the first offense, and notifications will include a list of the late cancellations, excessive cancellations, and no-show of scheduled trips. CCT will notify the rider if they meet any of the following criteria within a 30-day period:

  1. Late cancellations/cancellations representing 25% or more of scheduled trips, or
  2. The rider has three (3) or more no-shows.
When a rider violates this policy, the following progressive action is taken:

  1. First offense – the rider will receive a verbal warning, documented in the rider’s file.
  2. Second offense – the rider will receive a 3-day suspension.
  3. Third offense – the rider will receive a 7-day suspension.
  4. Additional violations will result in a 30-day suspension.
CCT will take every step possible to ensure that a rider is an actual no-show. The bus operator will wait up to three (3) minutes before determining the rider is a no-show. No-shows that are out of the rider’s control will not count against the rider and proof thereof shall be provided to a CCT supervisor.

All riders have the right to appeal any written notification they receive regarding their offense. Riders will be allowed to continue to use the service until their appeal is decided. All riders will receive a written notification of their appeal decision. All appeals must be reported to the CCT Director at (352) 527-7630 or by mail to 1300 S. Lecanto Hwy., Lecanto, FL 34461.

BOCC approved 7/26/22 - TDLCB Approved 8/11/22 - Effective 9/1/22 (start of tracking)