Special Events Request

Citrus County Fire Rescue is pleased to provide our community with several types of special event activities.  To schedule one for your organization, complete and submit this form.
Requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis and will be considered according to availability and resources of staff and schedules.  Availability is not guaranteed.  Availability may be limited to a portion of your event.  Normal availability is Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.; however, depending on the significance of the event, arrangements may be considered.  

Arrival times are approximate; units are in service and may be diverted to an emergency call.  If a truck/crew receives a call, they will be leaving the location.

The requestor is responsible for designating a parking area for the fire engine, where it is unobstructed and can leave quickly in case a call comes in.  Preferred location would be paved or hard surface due to the weight of our vehicles.

Have an alternate day ready.
In accordance with the Citrus County Board of County Commissioners Employee Handbook and Chapter 112, Part III, Fl. Sta., Code of Ethics, we cannot endorse any products or service.

These services are only available in the unincorporated areas of Citrus County.  If you are in the City of Inverness or the City of Crystal River, you will need to contact them by phone at City of Crystal River or by email at Jack Dumas for the City of Crystal River or by phone at City of Inverness or by email at Bob Bessler for the City of Inverness.

Please give 2-3 weeks' notice to schedule most programs including fire station tours. The Fire Safety House requires at least a one (1) month notice.

In order to schedule your request, the Special Events Request Form must be completely filled out and submitted.

IMPORTANT: Citrus County Fire Rescue does not send fire engines or crews to events to gain or promote a business, fundraisers, private residences or political events.

Citrus County Fire Rescue Special Events Request Form

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