State and Local Product Approval

The Product Approval System Is A State Program That Local Jurisdiction Is Mandated  To Implement 

Prior to establishment of the Product Approval System, Building Departments and Building Officials based product approval on code established standards for performance of products, materials and systems of construction. The design professional selects the product, the contractor installs the product (per the manufacturer's specs, and design professional's details), the Building Department verifies compliance with the code through plans review and/or inspection. For instance: window and door design pressure ratings and installation requirements. The design professional establishes the design pressure for the window and door openings and identified the pressures on the plan set and reviewed by the plans examiners. The contractor decides on which manufacturers product to use, based upon the design pressures provided. The manufacturer or supplier provides the installation details and design pressure certification to the contractor for posting on the job site. The Building Inspector reviews the posted material to see if installation meets the required specifications and the design pressures meet those called out on the plan set by the design professional.