Generalized Future Land Use Map - (GFLUM)

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The GFLUM is adopted by ordinance as part of the Citrus County Comprehensive Plan. The GFLUM was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on April 18, 1989 by Ordinance No. 89-04. The map depicts the desired general pattern for the location, distribution, and intensity of land uses to the year 2030. This map is used to guide future development to the most suitable areas of the County in conjunction with the associated policies and text in the Future Land Use Element of the Plan. All development decisions must be consistent with provisions of the plan and GFLUM.
Due to the small scale of the map, parcels of less then 10 acres in size are not represented on the map. The map is reviewed and updated at least every seven years in conjunction with the Evaluation and Appraisal Report process.

In addition to this map, also maintained is the more detailed Land Use Atlas Map (LUAM) of the Land Development Code, which depicts permitted land uses on a parcel specific basis. In cases where there is a difference between the designation on the LUAM and the GFLUM, the Comprehensive Plan is the controlling regulatory document. This includes the generalized map series and any other Plan Policy or relevant content thereof.

Adjustments to the GFLUM are made through the Comprehensive Plan amendment process. In accordance with the limitations established in the Florida Statutes, small scale amendments to the GFLUM of 10 acres or less may be made provided the cumulative total does not exceed 120 acres per calendar year. Large scale amendments may be submitted at any time during the calendar year in accordance with Florida Statutes.

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