Impact Fees

Impact fees were initially adopted 1986 as a way to require new development to pay a proportionate share of public infrastructure costs necessitated by its development. They are a one time fee on new development usually collected at the time of building permit issuance. Citrus County has adopted impact fees in eight program areas: transportation, schools, parks and recreation, libraries, fire rescue, emergency medical services, law enforcement, and public buildings. Many of the major public facilities in existence today have been constructed or expanded with funding assistance from the impact fee fund.

Guidelines for the collection and expenditure of the fee have been established in legal case law and in Florida Statutes. The fees must be proportional to the need for additional infrastructure created by the new development, and must be spent in such a way as to provide that same type of infrastructure to benefit new development. Local governments may use the fee to help pay for the costs of capital construction but not for salaries or operational expenses. The guidelines and fee schedule are adopted by the Board of County Commissioners by ordinance through the public hearing process.