STORMWATER MSBU/ MSTU - Information and Applications


Stormwater Utility Mitigation Credit Policy:
The County recognizes that some developed properties subject to the stormwater assessment are served by on-site stormwater management facilities that can reduce stormwater runoff impacts from the subject property and thus reduce the burden on the County to maintain, operate and provide capital improvements to the stormwater management systems. An important feature of the stormwater assessment process is the determination of mitigation credits in these situations. The proposed policy addresses mitigation credits as they apply to parcels that have participated in the private development and maintenance of man-made stormwater facilities, thus reducing the amount of runoff to be collected, conveyed, or treated by the County's stormwater management program.


  1. No stormwater discharges from any portion of the parcel, or contributes to road right-of-way or any part of a stormwater system over which the County has maintenance responsibilities. 
  2. The parcel has a properly permitted, maintained and functional on-site stormwater management system that treats and/or attenuates stormwater prior to discharge (directly or indirectly) to a road right-of-way or stormwater system over which the County has maintenance responsibilities.
  3. Owner of parcel contributes monetarily to a Community Development District, Civic Association (Homeowners Association or Property Owners Association), or Special District that provides maintenance to a non-County owned stormwater management facility that accepts stormwater from the parcel. 

On-site stormwater management facilities must be in compliance with a valid Southwest Florida Water Management District permit. Proof of compliance with permit requirements and certification of proper operation and maintenance of the facility will be required from the parcel owner on a periodic basis at 5-year intervals from the date of receiving the mitigation credit.

Mitigation credits may be granted to parcel owners whose off-site stormwater impacts on the County systems are non-existent, mitigated by a property functioning and permitted stormwater system or offset by contributions to the maintenance of a private system that provides stormwater treatment and attenuation for runoff to public right-of-way. The County recognizes a savings on the costs of maintaining the County-owned and operated stormwater facilities in these situations. The basis for these credits is as follows:

  1. Parcels with detention facilities (in open basins) discharge stormwater at a controlled rate and provide stormwater treatment, thereby reducing the burden on the County non-transportation related stormwater systems.
  2. Parcels with retention facilities (in closed basins) that discharge no stormwater, thereby imposing no direct stormwater maintenance burdens on the County non­ transportation related stormwater systems.
  3. The County and the receiving waters receive benefits from privately-owned and properly maintained stormwater management facilities. It is in the County's interest to encourage the proper operation and maintenance and continued existence of on-site stormwater management facilities. 

Mitigation Credits:
A property with functioning on-site stormwater management facilities may receive a mitigation credit upon the following conditions:

Condition Credit

1.   Detention Systems (in open basins):  
A parcel is eligible for a thirty percent (30%) credit from the user fee when the owner demonstrates that Stormwater discharge rate (peak flow) from the detention system after development is less than or equal to the pre- development rate (peak flow) of the parcel for a 25-year, 24-hour storm event as required by the Southwest Florida Water, Management District. The property owner must provide certification by a Florida licensed professional engineer documenting that these requirements are met.


2.   Retention Systems (in closed basins):
A parcel is eligible for a fifty percent (50%) credit from the user fee when the owner demonstrates that stormwater runoff is retained from a 100-year, 24-hour storm event as required by the Southwest Florida Water Management District. The property owner must provide certification by a Florida licensed professional engineer documenting that these requirements are met.


Please Note:  The above mitigation credits are not cumulative.  Requests for mitigation credits with supporting documentation must be submitted to Citrus County to obtain the credit.

Right of Entry:
To be eligible for a Mitigation Credit, the owner of the parcel must agree to allow the County to inspect the stormwater management facilities to ensure the facilities are functioning properly and receiving periodic maintenance.

Agricultural Property:
Agricultural Property meeting the requirements of Section 193.461, Florida Statutes, shall be exempt from the Stormwater Assessment if the property owner provides appropriate documentation to the County that it has an active National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit, environmental resource permit, or works-of-the-district permit or implements best management practices adopted as rules under Chapter 120 by the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, or a water management district as part of a statewide or regional program.

For anyone needing more information please contact the Citrus County Land Section, Monday - Friday, between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM (352)527-5458.


Municipal Service Benefit Unit (MSBU)
A special district created to provide for projects and/or services to a specifically defined area of the County and financed by a special assessment to only those citizens receiving the benefits of those projects or services.

Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU)
A taxing district covering a segment of the unincorporated area of the County, with individual assessed values and millage rates, which provides municipal-type services such as fire rescue or road and street improvements to residents of the area.

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