Residential Self-Haul

landfill-entranceThe Citrus County Residential Self-Haul Program is a service where Citrus County residents (self-hauler) can bring their bagged garbage and/or yard waste to the Citrus County Landfill.

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Please see the requirements below:

  • NO Business Vehicles; NO Business Name on Vehicles, NO Business Wraps on Vehicles
  • Self-haul Pass shall be permanently affixed on the exterior of windshield, upper left corner, on the driver’s side of their residential vehicle only.
  • Self-hauler shall use Lane # 2 as indicated on the overhead sign.
  • Self-hauler agrees to dispose of up to eight ( 8 ) 30-gallon, bags or cans only, one (1) day a week, of their household trash and or yard waste from their residence, located in Citrus County.
  • Yard Waste needs to be removed from plastic bags at time of disposal.
  • Any household trash and or yard waste, exceeding eight ( 8 ) 30-gallon bags or cans or non–bagged waste, the self-hauler will need to use Lane # 1, and will have an additional disposal fee.
  • The Residential Self-haul Pass is Non-Transferable and Non-Refundable.
  • Replacement of a Residential Self-Haul Pass, due to sale of vehicle or repair to a windshield will be issued up to two ( 2 ) replacements, at no cost, per fiscal year, when pieces of original sticker are returned.