Household Hazardous Waste

haz-wasteThe Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program provides the citizens of Citrus County the opportunity to safely and properly dispose of their household hazardous waste.

Disposal Days:
Every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 9:00 am- 1:00 pm (Except for Holidays - see Holiday Schedule)

Assessed households, may bring up to 10 gallons (or 60 pounds) of household hazardous waste for proper disposal at no additional charge. Any ADDITIONAL quantities will be charged $ 0.35/lbs. plus a $5.00 transaction fee.  

For those who work Monday-Friday, a Saturday collection day is available one (1) time per quarter. Our next Saturday collection is: August 17, 2024 from 9:00am to 1:00 pm.

These weekly and Saturday collection events have proven very successful. Communities have provided an abundance of hazardous waste that otherwise may have been managed improperly. Through the efforts of the Hazardous Waste Program staff, with their technical knowledge of sorting, categorizing, consolidating and/or recycling the products received, the County's cost for hazardous waste disposal continues to decrease.

Citrus County businesses and unassessed households can use the Household Hazard Waste Program at the Landfill for their waste during our weekly collection times, or call to schedule an early morning appointment. Some of the waste products will require a fee. Also be informed that record keeping is required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (D.E.P.).

Below is a list of items accepted for disposal at the Citrus County Landfill:

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 Flammables, Combustibles, Explosives  Poisons or Pesticides
  • Ammunition / shot gun shells
  • Gasoline / kerosene
  • Household fireworks or sparklers
  • Charcoal lighter fluid
  • Torch fuels
  • Highway or aerial flares
  • Paint Thinner or Mineral Spirits
  • Acetone, Xylene, Lacquer Thinner
  • Bug sprays and baits
  • Cockroach sprays and baits
  • Flea repellents and shampoos
  • Slug, snail or mole baits
  • Houseplant insecticides
  • Moth repellents
  • Rat poisons and baits
  • Aerosol insecticides or repellents
 Painting / Homeowner Supplies  Automotive Products
  • Latex paint (only if still liquid)
  • Solvent or oil-based paint & stains
  • Adhesives, epoxies and glues
  • Aerosol paints and foams
  • Roofing tars or elastomeric
  • Paint thinners and turpentine
  • Paint strippers and removers
  • Photographic Fixes / Developers
  • Fuel additives / stabilizers
  • Gasoline / Diesel fuel
  • Starting fluids, aerosols
  • Tire Repair and Patch Kits
  • Driveway or concrete paint/ sealer
  • Car wash, tire cleaners
  • Degreaser, parts cleaner
  • Windshield washing fluid
 Lawn and Garden Products  Corrosives / Cleaning Products
  • Insecticides and aerosols
  • Herbicides / weed killers
  • Algaecides and fungicides
  • Weed and Feed fertilizer
  • Wood preservatives
  • Pool / Spa chlorine & chemicals
  • Ph increasers, reducers, stabilizers
  • Ammonia cleaner
  • Chlorine, Bleach
  • Drain or oven cleaners
  • Acid, Base, Alkali products
  • Wood and metal cleaners
  • Floor waxes and polishes
  • Tub, tile, toilet and shower cleaners
The following can be recycled any day at the Landfill during regular business hours:
Motor oil, hydraulic oil, transmission and brake fluid (10 gal. limit) gear oil, fuel filters, oil filters.
Antifreeze: Automotive or RV
Batteries: Lead acid rechargeable.
Fluorescent bulbs and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs (first 10 free)
Mercury switch, thermostat or thermometer (Residents Only).
Electronic Devices: Computer towers, laptops and tablets, circuit boards.
Scrap metal
Propane tanks, fire extinguishers $36.00/ton
Refrigerators, A/C units (Freon units accepted) Only 1 free, then $36.00 ton. (Refrigerators need to be empty and the doors removed.)
Did you know...?

  • One gallon of gasoline, "improperly dumped on the ground", can render one million gallons of water UNDRINKABLE.
  • Two gallons of "recycled motor oil", can produce enough energy to power the average home for 24 hours.