What To Do With Usable, Leftover Paint

  • Avoid having leftover paint by buying only the amount you need to do the job. Consult with the retailer to determine the surface area and the amount of paint needed to cover this area.
  • Use up any leftover paint. Some suggested ways to do this include applying another coat to the surface until the paint is gone, painting a doghouse or other small structure, or using it as a primer coat for another project.
  • If you cannot use it up, see if a friend or neighbor is willing to use it. Other groups to contact to see if they need usable latex paint include theater groups, community betterment groups, schools and day care centers, and graffiti removal projects.
How To Store Paint So That It Will Remain Usable
  • Store the tightly sealed paint can upside-down, so that the paint will form a seal around the lid.
  • Store paint cans in dry areas that will not freeze.
  • Store paint cans away from sources of spark or flame.
How To Dispose Of Leftover Paint
  • Latex (water-based) paint, when liquid, can be brought to the Citrus County Landfill during scheduled disposal days.
  • Petroleum based paint will remain liquid and can be recycled at the Citrus County Landfill during scheduled disposal days.
NEVER . . .
  • Put liquid paint into the trash
  • Dispose on the ground
  • Pour it down the drain
    (Paint disposed of this way can contaminate our water resources and the environment.)

How To Dispose Of Dry Paint Or Empty Paint Cans
If there is a small amount of latex paint left, open the paint lid and let the latex paint dry. Dried latex paint is not considered a hazardous waste and can be disposed with regular trash.

  • Small amounts of latex paint can also be mixed with kitty litter and allowed to dry with the lid off.
  • Empty paint cans should have the lid removed and can be disposed of with ordinary trash.