Eagle Snag Trail

227s  Bald Eagle flying towards photographer



This birding trail is about 2 miles long; much of it is a dirt trail, which should be accessible in all but extremely wet weather.
There are four distinct habitats represented on this trail, including the forest that surrounds the landfill property on the east, south and west (part of the Withlacoochee State Forest), the meadow of the closed landfill, the waste disposal area that attracts scavengers and the “badlands” slopes of the soil stockpile.
You can reliably spot gulls, crows, and vultures in the landfill area any day. During the fall, winter and spring months bald eagles frequent the site as well, often perching in the dead “snags” at the edge of the forest waiting on a meal. Full-grown juveniles are the most common, but white- headed adults can also be seen. Other species that have been spotted on this site include red-wing blackbirds, finches, jays, cardinals, bluebirds, grackles, hawks, and woodpeckers. This list grows as we have more people watching, so please feel free to share your sightings with us.
Please sign in and out at the landfill office whenever you visit our site.  WEEKDAYS from 8 until 4:00, please come inside the office to obtain your map and sign in. A map will be provided showing the birding trail, general access areas of the landfill and areas for which there is no public access for safety reasons.
Be mindful that there is a lot of car, truck and heavy equipment traffic in some areas of the site. For your safety, bird watching will be in those areas marked with circles on the map only. You may drive to any of those areas using the designated roads; you may park on the perimeter road, overlook or closed landfill road. If you are out of your vehicle, you will be less visible to other vehicles’ drivers and heavy equipment operators, so be very careful. Also, no climbing is allowed on the soil stockpile, drainage retention area slopes or in the waste disposal area.
No smoking please.