Citrus County Single Stream Recycling

NOTE: Adding garbage or trash contaminates your recyclables and makes the material unacceptable for recycling

                                   Please Clean & Dry Recyclables before disposing in the bins
                                               NO BAGGED RECYCLABLES, ONLY LOOSE

Only the materials listed below will be accepted:
Newspapers & Advertising Inserts
Magazines, Catalogs, Telephone Books, Paperback Books
Office Paper (white & colored) & File Folders
Junk Mail, Envelopes
Paperboard & Boxboard (cereal, cracker boxes & paper beverage holders - Please Flatten)
Corrugated Cardboard & Paper Bags (Please Flatten)
Milk & Juice Cartons (Please Flatten)
#1 through # 7 Plastic Food, Beverage & Household Containers (Remove Lids)
Metal Food, Beverage Containers (Steel, Tin & Bi-Metal)
Metal Lids (Separated from Metal and Glass Containers)
Aluminum Containers, Food Trays and Foils (formed into a ball)
Non-Hazardous Empty Aerosol Cans ONLY from: Food, Beauty, and Fragrance & Household Products

Please DO NOT place these items in the containers:

Glass (ANY KIND)
Plastic Grocery Bags and Plastic Wrap (Bags may be Recycled at your Supermarket)
Paint Products (including aerosol cans)
Batteries (Recycle at the Central Landfill)
Hard back Books (Recycle the pages ONLY, after removing covers or donate)
Electronics (Recycle at the Central Landfill)
Ceramics or Dishes
Yard Waste or Trash
Food Waste
Motor Oil / Anti-freeze containers
Hazardous Waste containers
Light Bulbs, Window Glass, Mirrors, Drinking Glasses & Aquariums
(Fluorescent bulbs may be recycled at the Central Landfill - first 10 Free of charge)
Clothing, Furniture, Appliances, Mattresses & Box Springs

(Donate usable clothes and furniture. - Furniture, appliances, mattresses, box springs, carpet & padding from your home, are Free of Charge at the Central Landfill)