Road Resurfacing

Citrus County maintains over 1,500 miles of paved local roads for the public.  Paved roads typically need to be resurfaced every 20 to 25 years depending on the type of material used for construction and how heavily they are used.

Engineering-(70B)Per BOCC policy, every two years, all Citrus County maintained roads are rated based on their condition from 1 - 10  (with 10 being the worst).  Any road rated a “7” or higher is placed on a list for future resurfacing. 
Each budget year that list of roads is sorted based on density from highest to lowest (Density is the number of homes per foot of road) and funding is proportionally allocated based on the number of miles in each Commissioner's District. 
Paving begins at the top of each Commissioner's District list and continues as far down that list as possible until all the resurfacing budget has been expended for that year.

Below are frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that may assist you:

Q:  What is my road’s condition (rating)?

A:  You can find your road and its rating on the Pavement Rating Map found on Citrus County’s BOCC website – GIS page

Q:  When will my road get re-rated?
A:  We inspect and rate every County local road every two years.

Q:  How do I find out if my road is on the current Road Resurfacing List?
A:  You can reach out to the Engineering Operations Manager, Charles Leazott, directly at or by calling him at (352)527-5446 and requesting the most current Fiscal Year's Residential Road Resurfacing List.

For questions regarding Road Resurfacing: 
Charles Leazott - Engineering Operations Manager, Technical Services Division 
Office: (352) 527-5446 / Direct: (352) 527-5269