Utility Planning and Engineering

The Utility Planning and Engineering Division manages utilities infrastructure projects, provides engineering and technical support to other governmental agencies, and participates in county wide planning to ensure compliance requirements are in place in advance of the development of projects.

Our mission is to deliver quality and sustainable services that meet the expectations of Citrus County's utility customers. With an emphasis on project management and quality improvement, the Division is responsible for water and wastewater treatment collection and transmission projects, water and wastewater facilities and other related initiatives.

The Citrus County Capital Improvement Program projects are based on the comprehensive master plan documents that identify present and future projects on the basis of the most current growth projections in order to meet demand. The importance of this Master Plan is to identify opportunities for the County to improve the efficiency and reliability of its existing systems by addressing the problem areas in the system, consolidate facilities, and interconnect with adjacent utilities.

  • Comprehensive Plan, Chapter 5 - Infrastructure

The Potable Water and Sanitary Sewer Subelements can be found in the Comprehensive Plan published by the Department of Growth Management / Division of Land Development.

  • Minimum Standards & Construction Manual of Water and Wastewater Systems: To request information or copies of the Minimum Standards please email: waterresources@citrusbocc.com and include the words Minimum Standards information request in the subject line.

The Utility Planning & Engineering Division Provides the following services:

  • Project and program management services for planning, designing, and implementing projects that meet the demand of the system wide capital improvements as they relate to the water and wastewater system.
  • Provides inspection services for County utility related projects.
  • Responsible for updating and maintaining the Water and Wastewater Master Plan and other long-term planning initiatives, tracks capacity, reviews new development plans to ensure concurrency and master plan compliance.
  • Maintains and updates the Citrus County Minimum Design Standards and Construction specifications.
  • Provides updates for the Utility element of the County Comprehensive Plan as needed.
  • Identifies and pursues grant and cooperative funding sources.
  • Oversees and coordinates work performed by contracted service providers including professional engineers; provides input into selection criteria for consultants and contractors conducting water and wastewater projects; reviews and develops requests for qualifications (RFQs) and requests for bids; recommends selection of consultants.
  • Provides program management for SCADA and GIS projects.
  • Coordinates with the Utility Division on maintaining present utility facilities such as pipeline and pump stations and other miscellaneous Repair/Replacement programs.


Ken Cheek
Director, Department of Water Resources


Utility Planning & Engineering Division
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