Large and Small Scale General Future Land Use Map


Comprehensive Plan Amendments
Large and Small Scale General Future Land Use Map


2009 Amendments



Application Number Ordinance Number Adoption Date From To Section-Township-Range
CPA/AA/PDO-08-22(A) 2009-A05 02-24-09 MDR IND 02-19-18 SE
CPA/AA/PDO-09-09(A) 2009-A05 04-24-09 LDR IND 10-19-17 SW
CPA-09-16(A) 2009-A07 05-26-09 CL RVP 29-19-17 SW
CPA-09-12(A) 2009-A12 07-21-09 CLC CL 31-19-17SE
CPA/AA-09-19(A) 2009-A18 09-15-09 RUR RVP 12-20-18SE
CPA/AA/PDO-09-20(A) 2009-A18 09-15-09 CL CLC 26-20-17SE
CPA/AA-09-11(A) 2009-A24 11-10-09 GNC/PSO PSI 05-19-18 NE
32-18-18 SE
CPA-09-14(A) 2009-A24 11-10-09 IND/EXT
PORT 2,3,4,9,10,11-17-16 Various
CPA-09-15(A) 2009-A24 11-10-09 IND/CL/PSI RVP/CLC 11-17-16 NE & NW
CPA/AA/PDO-09-26(A) 2009-A33 12-15-09 REC GNC 36-20-17 NE



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