Tire Recycling Event at Landfill Announced

Tire Recycling Event at Landfill Announced

Standing bodies of water can serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and mosquitoes have been  found  to  transmit  Zika  Virus.  In  an  effort  to  reduce  areas  where  water  can  collect  and subsequently reduce mosquito breeding, the Citrus County Solid Waste Management Division will be accepting tires at the Central Landfill free of charge for recycling on Thursday, November 5 and  Friday,  November  6  from  8am  to  4:30pm  and  Saturday,  November  7,  2020  from  8am  to 2:30pm. This is a co-sponsored event by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The Central Landfill is located at 230 W Gulf to Lake Highway (SR44) in Lecanto. FL 34461.

During this event residents in assessed and non-assessed areas can dispose of a maximum of twenty five (25) passenger and/or pickup truck tires, without rims free of charge for recycling. This event does not apply to waste tire haulers or commercial entities and is intended for residential only.

The Citrus County Solid Waste Management Division would like to remind residents that they can recycle 5 tires per visit, 2 times per year at no charge.

Residents needing further information about this event, or any other Solid Waste Management Program, may call at (352) 527-7670 or by email at landfillinfo@citrusbocc.com.