Rental and Mortgage Assistance available to Citrus County income-eligible residents

Rental and Mortgage Assistance available to Citrus County income-eligible residents

Funds are available to income-eligible Citrus County residents for mortgage and rental assistance 
and re-housing due to eviction and emergency repairs through the Citrus County’s Housing Services 

The Citrus County Board of County Commissioners has allocated up to $300,000 in local funds to 
assist Citrus County residents who have been financially impacted as a result of the COVID-19 
public health emergency. Those eligible must be a resident of Citrus County; at or below 120 
percent of area median income; and must be able to demonstrate assistance is required as a result 
of direct impacts from coronavirus.

Maximum Income Levels – 120% Area Medium Income Household Size
1 - $47,040          2 - $53,760          3 - $60,480          4 - $67,080          5 - $72,480     
     6 - $77,880

This program will not issue payments directly to applicants. Instead, payments will be sent 
directly to the vendors (ie: landlords and mortgage companies) that are willing to participate in 
this program and must be able to provide Citrus County with completed W-9s.

To qualify, applicants must be able to submit documents supporting income, need and other 
assistance, including income verification documents such as

•             Completed Housing Intake Application

•             Photo ID for all adult household members (18 and over)

•             Birth certificates for children under the age of 18

•             Lease agreement

•             Mortgage statement/proof of homestead

•             Proof of past due rent/mortgage status

•             Completed Self Certification of COVID-related hardship

•             Self-Certification of Income for ALL household members 18 years of age or older

•             Proof of income loss due to hardship as a result of COVID-19 (this may be a letter 
from your employer regarding reduction in wages or proof of application filed for unemployment).

Applications for assistance are available at the Citrus County Resource Center, all Citrus County 
libraries and on County buses or by calling 352-527-7520. Completed applications can be faxed to 
352-527-7521 or delivered to the Citrus County Resource Center located at 2804 W Marc Knighton 
Court, Lecanto, FL 34461, between 9 am and 5 pm.  For more information, call 352-527-7520.