Improvements Underway at Crystal River Airport

Improvements Underway at Crystal River Airport

Citrus County’s Engineering Division has been hard at work on improvements at the Crystal River 
Airport, including a new beacon and new T-hangar construction.

Replacement of the beacon at the Crystal River Airport, documented in the 2017 Crystal River 
Airport Master Plan Update, has been completed. The previous 50’ beacon was obsolete, difficult to 
repair, and caused visibility issues for approaching aircraft. The new 75’ tall beacon was funded 
through a partnership between the FAA, FDOT, and Citrus County.

A project providing 10 T-Hangar units is currently under construction with an estimated completion 
date of March 2021. There is a significant need for hangars throughout the State to provide safe 
storage of aircraft, with 24 people on the waiting list for hangars. This project will result in 
approximately $41,000 in revenue per year to the County and is being funded by FDOT and the County.

For more information on these and other improvement projects, please call the Citrus County 
Engineering Division at 352-527-5446.