Citrus County Wins 2021 WaterSense® Sustained Excellence Award

Citrus County Wins 2021 WaterSense® Sustained Excellence Award

Youth sporting a water-drop-shaped Mardi Gras mask to celebrate Water Sense Fix a Leak Week at the 
March 2020 Shrimpapalooza festival.
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognized Citrus County with a third WaterSense 
Sustained Excellence Award for its dedication to helping consumers save water and promoting 
WaterSense and water efficiency throughout 2020. The award was announced during the WaterSmart 
Innovations (WSI) Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, along with 33 other utilities, 
manufacturers, builders, retailers, and other organizations that partner with WaterSense to promote 
water-efficient products, homes, and programs.
WaterSense, a voluntary partnership program sponsored by EPA, is both a label for water-efficient 
products and homes and a resource for helping consumers learn ways to save water. Since the program 
started in 2006, WaterSense labeled products have helped consumers and businesses save 5.3 trillion 
gallons of water—enough water to supply all households in the United States with water for 200 
days! In addition to water savings, WaterSense has helped reduce the amount of energy needed to 
heat, pump, and treat water by 603 billion kilowatt hours and save $108 billion in water and energy 
“In 2020, our WaterSense partners continued to make saving water possible by educating consumers 
and businesses about WaterSense and water-efficient behaviors,” said Veronica Blette, the 
WaterSense program manager. “Our award winners’ creative and committed approaches to water 
conservation helped consumers save water, energy, and money on their utility bills at a time when 
they needed it most.” Blette will remotely join the October 26, 2021 Citrus County Board of County 
Commissioners meeting to present the award.
WaterSense honored Citrus County as a 2021 Sustained Excellence Award winner for its dedication to 
promoting WaterSense campaigns and water-saving education and outreach. The County kicked off Fix a 
Leak Week in March at the Shrimpapalooza festival, where children decorated water-shaped masks and 
parents received toilet leak information and free leak detection tablets. Leak detection continued 
during the County's sixth annual classroom toilet leak detection challenge, where elementary 
classrooms  tested more than 100 toilets and identified leaks for potential savings of more than 
3,000 gallons of water per day.
Education continued throughout the year, including WaterSense labeled showerhead giveaways and 
customer irrigation system training. The County also collaborated with the Southwest Florida Water 
Management District and the Withlacoochee Regional Water Supply Authority on an Irrigation 
Evaluation Initiative, helping complete nearly 80 evaluations and installation of WaterSense 
labeled irrigation controllers.
“Citrus County is grateful for its continued partnership with the Water Sense program and local 
partners Southwest Florida Water Management District and Withlacoochee Regional Water Supply 
Authority,” said Ken Cheek, Citrus County Department of Water Resources Director. “Through these 
collaborations and grant funding support, the County is able to extend its budget and garner the 
greatest water savings and water conservation awareness.”