Citrus County CDBG-DR Action Plan

Citrus County, Florida

Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR)


INTRODUCTION On May 1, 2018 the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (FDEO) announced the availability of Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Funding in the amount of $22,408,030 as a result of the Presidential Disaster Declaration for Hurricane Hermine (FEMA 4280-0DR-FL). This funding will help to address unmet disaster recovery needs related to damage from Hurricane Hermine in repetitive flood loss areas. Citrus County has been awarded CDBG-DR funding to meet the unmet housing needs of our community. 

 PROJECT OVERVIEW AND OBJECTIVES The Housing Services Division will be addressing the unmet needs of homes in repetitive flood loss areas that were directly impacted by Hurricane Hermine in Census Tracts: 4050, 4503.03, 4506.02, 4527, 4506.01, 4515.02. Census Tracts were chosen by using Hermine FEMA and Citrus County EOC data, Citrus County Building Division provided Repetitive Flood Area (RFA) database and Citrus County Property Appraiser provided Hermine damage client database for the City of Crystal River. 

 Our Division has developed program applications, checklists both residents and contractor recruitment. Orientation meetings were be held for residents and contractors outlining the requirements for participation in the program. New contractors were required to complete a County application and be registered as a County vendor. Residents that are interested in participating in the program were required to complete an in-take application for assistance, provide proof of income and proof of Hurricane Hermine damage such as, photos, insurance claim documents and individual assistance documents. Each resident application will be reviewed by staff for eligibility for both income qualification and proof of damage due to Hurricane Hermine. 

Hazard mitigation will be addressed in every situation. Every house will be brought up to current code, including wind mitigation, and receive ADA accommodation where special needs dictate, such as elderly or disabilities. Additional mitigation such as higher hurricane standards for windows, doors, roof, etc. will be utilized wherever funding and structure allow. Additionally, green measures such as energy efficient HVAC and household appliances will be provided to relieve cost burden. Mitigation enhancements such as elevation will be addressed for each home replacement. Demolition and replacement has been shown to be more beneficial for the cost to achieve code compliance and mitigation for repetitive flood loss areas. Of primary concern will be structural resiliency, affordability, maintenance and general health and safety of the homeowners. 

  A consultant has been procured to assist with the above listed activities, as well as, environmental reviews, RFP's, contractor recruitment, monitoring and project oversight. The Housing Assistance Plan (HAP) will be governing the procedures for qualifications and housing contracting. 

PROJECT DELIVERABLES: An estimated 8 LMI homes with unmet needs in hazard and repetitive flood loss areas will be assisted with demolition, elevation and housing replacement for code, safety, hardening, energy efficiency and mitigation. HUD income verification requirements will be followed. Duplication of benefit requirements will be followed. Owner-occupied will be the main focus, following temporary relocation guidelines. 

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: All CDBG-DR projects will be managed by an experienced consultant, alongside qualified housing staff. The consultant will work with the broad tier 1 environmental review, reporting, support with audits and monitoring visits, Section 3, technical support and other needs. The primary need for services will be project delivery assistance and applicant intake, specific tier 2 environmental reviews, housing inspections, duplication of benefits, housing contractor process, housing inspections and final housing work approvals. The consultant and the Division staff are experienced with specific CDBG-DR needs and State CDBG requirements. 

PROJECT TIMELINE: The CDBG-DR project will be on a two-year timeline for final project completion, starting from the date of agreement execution. 

GOALS/MILESTONES: At the completion of the CDBG-DR, an estimated 8 homes will be assisted and will meet all city and county code requirements. These homes will no longer be in danger of future damages due to repetitive flooding and this will also assist in the revitalization to the community.