Management & Budget

Citrus County Department of Management and Budget wins prestigious 2022/2023 Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Offices Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA).

The Department of Management and Budget is responsible for the preparation of the Citrus County Annual Operating Budget and Five Year Capital Improvement Program in conjunction with the County Administrator. These documents are prepared and implemented in accordance with Board policy, Truth in Millage (TRIM) requirements, and the Florida Statutes.

This Department also provides financial and budgetary information and assistance to the Board of County Commissioners, Administration/Legal, Departments, Divisions, Offices and Constitutional Officers. Additionally, the Department has the responsibility for issuing County Bonds and Certificates of Obligation.

Other functions of the Department of Management and Budget include: preparation of resolutions amending the adopted budget for unanticipated funding sources; processing budget transfers for Board approval; reviewing Board agenda items for potential budget impact; and attending staff meetings when budget concerns are discussed.

The County received the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) award for Distinguished Budget Presentation for its annual appropriated budget dated October 1, 2020. This was the 16th year that Citrus County received this award. In order to qualify for this award, the County must publish a budget document that meets program criteria as a policy document, as an operations guide, as a financial plan and as a communications device.


Erin Dohren
Management & Budget Director

Barbara Luckham
Assistant Management & Budget Director


Citrus County Management & Budget
3600 W. Sovereign Path, Suite 266
Lecanto, Fl. 34461

Phone: (352)-527-5207
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Office Hours:
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