Workforce Expansion Grant

The Workforce Expansion Grant aids local businesses with a physical location in Citrus County. Grants are strictly limited to a qualified new or existing Target Industry business located within Citrus County, including the cities of Inverness and Crystal River. Funds can only be used for businesses to expand their workforce with new hires up to $2,000 for each new increased Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) position in their workforce after 3/1/2020. Citrus County has limited funding of $300,0000 available for this grant program, which requires no payback from qualifying businesses who receive payments. These funds are considered taxable income; please contact your financial advisor for guidance.

Application Process

The Citrus County Workforce Expansion Grant has allotted $300,000 for the program. Funds will be distributed on a first‐submitted and eligible application basis. Please submit your application online in its entirety. The County may determine further information is necessary to process a grant request and will contact the applicant by email for additional documentation. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide this information as requested. Incomplete applications will not be considered; please submit in its entirety. Applications will be accepted until funds are fully exhausted, whichever occurs first.

Payment process

Eligible businesses approved for an award of $1,000 per qualifying job(s) will receive the payment after the second submitted 941 Quarterly Tax Return and payroll reports have been received. Businesses approved for $2,000 per qualifying job(s) will receive the first $1,000 per job after the receipt of the second submitted 941 Quarterly Tax Return and payroll reports, with the second payment of $1,000 per qualifying job awarded upon receipt of the fourth 941 Quarterly Tax Return.

Applications will be submitted using a digital online portal. Applicants will be required to sign the
application and attest, under penalty of perjury, that all information submitted is truthful. The
application can be found at: 

Workforce Expansion Grant Application