Inshore Reefs

Citrus County is proposing installation of up to 10 inshore artificial reefs within the county’s coastal waters; some between 5 and 8 miles from shore and some between 12 and 15 miles from shore. Artificial reefs provide multiple benefits to the local marine life, such as improving the network of artificial reefs, providing additional hard-bottom substrate for colonization of marine and benthic organisms and fish habitat. Being inshore, the reefs will also provide greater opportunities for recreation use and economic progress for commercial and tourism industries.

The creation of 10 inshore reef locations has been an idea of the County for many years. County staff submitted the current inshore reef project through the RESTORE act, which required a feasibility study. Cardno was the consultant selected for the study.

Potential sites are currently being evaluated. To determine ideal reef placement, a survey was compiled and sent out to various stakeholders.

Please join us for our virtual town hall meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2022 at 2:00pm. Register to attend today!