Smart Irrigation & Why Consumers are Upgrading

The irrigation industry is experiencing a renaissance of technology development. Now, more than 
ever, consumers can find irrigation products that use advanced sensors, Wi-Fi, and app-based 
capability to automatically adjust watering schedules, communicate problems, and save water.

Smart irrigation systems irrigate landscapes efficiently. Without wasting water, these systems know 
 when  and  how  much  to  irrigate.  Controllers  now  use  real-time  data  to  apply  the  right 
amount of water at the right time of day.

By investing in smart irrigation technologies, owners can be sure to save water, money, and time in 
caring for the landscape. Here are two irrigation technologies worth considering:

Weather-based  controllers.  These  controllers  adjust  the  irrigation  schedule  based  on  
local weather conditions. There is a wide range of products produced with various weather inputs 
and landscape-specific adjustment factors. Nearly all the most recognizable brands have a weather- 
based smart controller to offer. These controllers self-adjust and require very little intervention 
when  programmed  correctly.   Look  for  the  Water  Sense  label  when  seeking  a  new  
irrigation controller.  Citrus County Utilities offers a $100 account credit for upgrading to a 
Water Sense unit.

Rain/freeze sensors. Irrigating in rain and freezing conditions needlessly wastes water and can 
damage landscapes. While not cutting-edge technology, rain sensors prevent irrigation systems from  
running  during  rainy  conditions.  Some  sensors  add  the  ability  to  stop  irrigation  when 
temperatures approach freezing to prevent damage to plants. These devices can reduce overall water 
use and help extend irrigation system life.  The sensor typically lasts three to five years in 
Citrus County.  Usually less than twenty dollars at home stores, every automatic irrigation system 
in Florida is required to have a sensor unless it has a weather-based controller. Citrus County 
Utilities offers a $50 account credit for replacing a sensor.

One size does not fit all! Research to find a product that offers the features desired and call 
(352) 527-7669 with questions.  Citrus County Utilities water customers should keep receipts for 
all qualifying       home       improvement       purchases.       To       apply       for       a 
      rebate,       visit